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7 tips to maintain positivity and grow your mindset!

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m no expert on this and none of this means I’ve found the past year easy! But I’ve found the time we’ve had has pushed me to keep exploring myself, challenge my mindset and to find ways to keep positive and realign with what I want going forward. So if any of these things help you too or reading it has given you a sense of calm then I will be so glad to have written this post!

NOTE: I am not a professional and if you are struggling with your mental health you should talk to a professional, resources here


1. Fill yourself with positive, inspiring and motivational juiciness

What I’ve learnt massively over lockdown is that being positive takes practice. It’s so easy to spiral into a hole of negativity because that’s what our ego loves to happen. You have to take control and feed your mind positivity regularly, and notice when your mind starts to think negative thoughts. (Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you have to positive all the time... as it’s important to feel what you are feeling, but be careful not to dwell on those negative feelings or emotions for too long, as it can be really hard to get out of)

If the first thing you do in the morning is scroll aimlessly through the news headlines and social media, then let's be honest.. it’s probably not giving you a positive set up for the day. This is your day and you are in control... OWN IT. Maybe it’s opening your curtains, letting in some fresh air or getting straight out of bed for a morning walk, whatever it is, try to replace those habits with things that help put you in a positive mindset. Inspire and motivate yourself regularly with positive books, podcasts and anything else that works for you!

Change isn’t easy, but sometimes you have to force yourself and be strict because you know it’s for your own good. Wake up and commit to yourself

Some of my favourite podcasts and e books:

Some of my favourite motivating and inspiring books:

  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - By Susan Jeffers (my favourite, so inspiring. Going for your goals and dreams)

  • Ant Middleton- The Fear Bubble (‘Harness fear and live without limits’ truly inspiring for anyone who wants to push themselves and conquer their own fears/goals )

  • The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle (about living in the present moment- simple but fascinating)

  • Be a Free Range Human By Marianne Cantwell (For anyone thinking about starting a business ‘escape the 9-5, create a life you love & still pay the bills’)

Tip: is a second-hand online bookstore with free delivery, it’s cheaper than buying brand new and you are recycling too!


2. Surround yourself with positive people

The people you spend most of your time with are who you become similar to. Notice who you feel your best around.. it will most likely be the positive people, spend more time with them! Notice a positive persons outlook on life and their general attitude and how it tends to rub off on you.

TOTO is my personal favourite --->


3. Start journaling. Get to know your thought & emotional patterns.

The word ‘journaling’ can be off-putting for people as some might think that there is a certain way to do it and that it’s supposed to be all spiritual.. but it couldn’t be more simple! It is quite literally offloading everything that’s on your mind onto paper, however often you like. It’s easy to settle, sit back, and just say 'oh well it is what it is' but actually, NO, that is your mind taking over! YOU are the one in control of everything you do and think.

So when you feel overwhelmed or drowned in negative thoughts, getting it all out on paper can really help. Then if you feel like you want to explore more, you could ask yourself:

  • Why do I feel like this?

  • What is in my control, and what is out of my control?

  • What could I do right now to help change my thoughts?

  • What would I tell my friends to do right now to do?

  • What am I grateful for?

Tip: buy yourself a nice notebook to start journaling in!


4. Write a routine

Don’t let your mind talk you out of things that you KNOW are good for you!

There are a lot of things that are completely out of our control right now, so put your focus and energy into everything that you can control. If you are struggling to find purpose in your day or feel lost then write yourself a routine for each hour of the day or every 2 hours. Include things that you know make you feel good and are working towards small goals.

9 am. Wake up, meditate, coffee

10 am Workout or morning walk

11 am Practice guitar

12 pm Lunch

1-3 pm. Studio time, sit down and write some ideas

3-4 pm. Read and coffee


5. Remind yourself of your dreams and goals

I find a big part of my happiness and mental health is focused on my purpose, goals and dreams. If I sat back and gave up on my dreams to work a job I hated, then I’d feel very underwhelmed and find it hard to feel purpose. As cliche as it is, you do only live once. So why on earth would you not go for what you want?! Self-belief is a big part of this, if you find yourself saying things like ‘oh but I can’t do that’ or ‘oh that’s a stupid idea’ then how about turning it into the opposite? ‘I can definitely do that! What an amazing idea I’m going to do it’. It’s amazing how much we can stop ourselves from dreaming or achieving because our minds will talk us out of it. Practice talking positively to yourself to improve your self-belief!

Things you can do to keep focused and inspired

  • Create a Vision Board -get a big bit of card & print off pictures of things you love, enjoy or would like to happen in the future. (Go crazy & let yourself dream big)

  • Make Scrapbooks - fill a scrapbook with all of your proudest & happiest moments. When you are feeling negative or like you can't do something, remind yourself on what you have achieved

  • Visualize & tell other people - Let yourself dream & think regularly about what you want, however big or small. Then tell people about it! They might have some useful suggestions or be able to support you further.

  • Get out in nature! - Getting out into the fresh air & nature always helps me to gain a fresh perspective.


6. Be present

I find this one very hard as I love planning and working on things to get to the next stage in life.. but it’s so easy to forget what’s happening right now. When you appreciate and have gratitude for the present moment it really helps to make you feel calm and happier. Meditation can help a lot, if you feel overwhelmed or have that tight feeling in your chest, then it might help to take a few minutes to breathe and come back to the present moment.

Check out: HEADSPACE (Teaches you the basics of meditation and how to be an observer of your own thoughts. You can try the free trial)


7. Talk to friends and have some fun!

All of these are great tips but at the end of the day... do what makes you happy! Speak to your friends regularly and look out for each other.. just chatting to people really takes a weight off of us sometimes and brings us back to present life. Treat yourself to a takeaway, try something new, talk kindly to yourself and do something fun to make you laugh and smile!


Thank you so much for reading my first blog post

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